Smitefest 2017


Rock'n Hip Hop POOL PARTY!!!

Thursday July 13th Smitefest Pre-Party at the Cell Block

10pm- Contours
10:45am- My Heart to Fear
11:30pm- Vajra
12:15am- 44 Mag
1:00am- The Destruct Principle

Friday July 14th

5:30pm- DJ Unholy
6pm- Robby M.F. Phillips
6:30pm- DJ Unholy
7pm- Fugy Fugelson
7:30pm- DJ Unholy
8pm- Contours
8:30pm- Generation Empty
9pm- Rip Open The Sky
9:30pm- The Destruct Principle
10pm- Tape Eater
10:45pm- Keystone Ska Exchange
11:30pm- Vajra
12:15am- Undead Messengers
1am- Lowkey

Saturday July 15th

11am- The Andy Breen Experience
11:30am- DJ Rock
12pm- Hunter Murray
12:30pm- DJ Rock
1pm- Jim Candytree
1:30pm- DJ Raw
2pm- Band Tempted
2:30pm- DJ Raw
3pm- Hit Boiz
3:30pm- DJ Pyro Technik
4pm- Nomad X
4:30 pm- DJ Pyro Technik
5pm- Fat Nanci
5:30pm- DJ Pyro Technik
6pm- TBA
6:30pm- DJ A-Lyf3
7pm- Free Falling
7:30pm- DJ Staticat
8pm- Free Man
8:30pm- DJ Staticat
9pm- Ruination
9:30pm- My Heart To Fear
10pm- Adesta
10:45pm- 44 Mag
11:30pm- DeathMaschine
12:15am- One Step From Falling
1am- SMITE

Bands and DJ's by the pool Friday until 8pm, Saturday until 9pm.
No glass/bottles
Bring Pool Chairs and Towels

Rooms are $80/night if booked before July 1st!
After July 1st Rooms will be $109/night.

There will be some food vendors. Most rooms have fridge and microwave

Call and make reservations now!!
Red Roof Inn, S. Williamsport, PA
(570) 322-9050
Mention Smitefest

Tix to event are $20/day, $30/ both days

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