Sebastian Bach's years of screaming in rock bands have taken a toll on the legendary frontman's instrument.

Bach, best known as the singer for Skid Row, announced in a Facebook post that Thursday was the big day of his surgery to fix an issue he's been having.

"This is the first surgery that I have had since I got my nose broke..." he writes. "I'm kind of nervous but that's how it goes I guess."  

The nose-breaking incident, which Bach recounts in his memoir, 18 and Life on Skid Row, occurred at a Mötley Crüe show in 1997. Bach accidentally elbowed a biker, who responded by punching him in his face, breaking his nose.

But Baz continued saying the procedure has "nothing to do with my voice, or my throat, at all, but it IS singing related."

Presumably any surgery involving Bach's respiratory system would be singing-related. He concluded the post adding, "I'll see you on tour."

Bach's next scheduled tour dates are in October. You can see them here

Good luck, Baz!

Photo: Getty Images