The good news for all the schools below is that they made the US News & World Report list of the best 206 national universities and national liberal arts colleges. 

The bad news is that 24/7 Wall St culled data to figure out which of those schools offered the worst bang for the buck.

 In the stats below, "salary" refers to the typical income of a graduate 10 years after entering the workforce; that's compared to the cost of a four-year degree. The worst:

  1. Bennington College (Vermont): Salary: $24,600; degree: $111,604
  2. College of the Atlantic (Maine): Salary: $26,400; degree: $69,852
  3. St. John’s College (New Mexico): Salary: $27,600; degree: $96,508
  4. Thomas Aquinas College (California): Salary: $30,200; degree: $81,840

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