9 Year Old Wears Hot Dog Costume For School ID Photo

Parents sure are different than they used to be. A fourth-grade student in Maine showed up for school pictures wearing a full hot dog costume -- and his parents didn't even get mad about it. In fact, they're the ones who dared him to wear it.

Nine-year-old Jake Arsenault's school ID now features a photo of a giant hot dog, in a bun, with a squiggly line of mustard running down his chest -- and his dad, Craig Arsenault, thinks it's hilarious. "It's just the greatest," the older Arsenault says, adding he and his wife bet Jake $10 he wouldn't have the nerve to wear the goofy-looking costume to school. He says he was happy to hand over the ten bucks when he received the photo from the school.

Apparently, Craig Arsenault isn't the only person who relishes his son's getup. He says he posted a photo of Jake's ID on Facebook, expecting to get a "couple of likes" -- but instead, the post received more than 7,500 comments and was shared 31,000 times.

Having fun in life is key. Not taking things too seriously always helps. My only concern is, should the kid go missing from school, this photo will be the one they are circulating :) That could be kinda weird but to each their own.