Are The Black Crowes about to reunite?

I feel like this band has a history of breaking up and reuniting on a weekly basis, but The Black Crowes seem to be teasing a much-rumored 2020 comeback tour.

Last week, The Black Crowes' cartoon logo popped up on the band's social media, and now the same image has begun to show up on billboards in the U.S.

A billboard with the new logo was spotted alongside the I-94 in Milwaukee while another one has appeared in New Jersey at the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel.

Former manager Pete Angelus recently told The Wall Street Journal that he is aware of a deal that the band has made with Live Nation for a 2020 tour,while another source - that is said to be familiar with the matter - simply said, "there might be something in the works."

THE BLACK CROWES have been inactive since they played their final show in December 2013.